Chun Wang Brothers Tannery is an international company, processing leather and manufacturing leather products. We have an established reputation for reliability, expertise and consistently high quality.

Our reputation is based upon a 78 year tradition of quality, service and reliability.

Established in 1940, being the first tannery in Thailand to be equipped to process high fashion leather, our company continues to develop with a forward looking and innovative management team.

Leather, a most valuable natural product, requires careful processing. Continuous research, state-of-the-art technology and process-controlled machines, operating in an environment-friendly plant enable us to produce leather of optimum quality for any particular application.

We are very proud that our products are bearing the “THAILAND’S BRAND” by Thailand’s Department of Export Promotion. The brand represents the diversity, refinement and unique Thai qualities combined with high technology production methods.

We are dedicated to competitive prices, reliability and consistent quality.